Unified Communications

Унифицированные коммуникации

SOLTI designs, creates, integrates and maintains the subsystems that make up the Unified Communications (UC) environment of the enterprise, combining various services (voice, video, fax, chat, etc.) on one side and access devices (laptop, desktop computer, smartphone , mobile phone, tablets, etc.) on the other to transfer information between them over all existing communication channels.

The main value of using SOLTI UC solutions is that it becomes possible to exclude delays in the business processes of companies arising from unsuccessful attempts to connect employees with each other, to increase labor productivity and, as a result, to gain competitive advantages in the business of the enterprise.

The key technologies on the basis of which unified communications systems are created are: IP telephony, e-mail, audio and video conferencing (Web conferences), instant messaging, and also voice and unified mail.

Types of systems

Videoconferencing (VC)

Call-центры (contact‑центры)

Call-centers (contact-centers)

Criteria for choosing solutions

SOLTI specialists can help to choose the specific supplier of unified communications and the functionality required by the customer according to the following criteria:

  • A solution with a greater emphasis on telephony – is used to improve the efficiency of voice infrastructure.
  • A solution with a greater focus on cooperation – to integrate the interaction of staff and programs. Particular attention is paid to conferencing, e-mail, fax server, chat and their integration with other applications. Integration with telephony is not considered as the main condition.
  • The solution, integrated with the equipment of competitors – to preserve the entire variety of equipment and programs, combining them in one environment.
  • An integrated solution of local and cloud services – to use part of advanced services, without waiting for the development of customer’s own communication infrastructure.
Essential feature of unified communications solutions

The proposed product should always be adapted to a specific user, starting with setting internal user numbers, integrating their phones and e-mail with databases, and ending with the distribution or restriction of services used by different groups of employees, which requires a highly qualified staff of specialists in the integrator company.

SOLTI specialists ensure the creation of multi-vendor solutions, taking on all the complexity of the compatibility of equipment from different brands, in order to obtain the maximum possible economic benefit of the customer, and sometimes simply because of the user’s commitment to the used terminal equipment .

Example of implementation


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