Information Security

Информационная безопасность

SOLTI offers a full range of services – from the implementation of individual solutions to the creation of an integrated, reliable corporate information security system, that allows:

  • to protect confidential information from unauthorized access;
  • to prevent malicious or accidental changes;
  • to monitor the integrity of systems;
  • provide the required level of availability.

Creation of a comprehensive information security system is possible with integration into the general information system of each separate protection subsystem, represented by an effective in its field solution .

Information security should be a priority in the development of new IT systems, it should not be considered at the end of the project.

Building an integrated information security system

SOLTI specialists offer corporate solutions of any scale, both for large, small and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to many years of successful implementation of projects, we understand the needs of customers and achieve the optimal ratio of cost, reliability and productivity. The use of an integrated multi-level approach guarantees a rational combination of parallel and complementary technologies and information security tools.

pre-stage: Your enterprise has an understanding of security policy

Network security system - protection of network equipment

Objective: protection of information exchange between all participants of the business process


  • Firewall
  • virtual secure channels and networks (VPN)
  • detection and prevention of network intrusions (IDS / IPS)
  • 802.1X authentication protocols (RADIUS server)

Software protection for workplaces and servers

Task: detection and removal of software vulnerabilities of servers and users’ computers

Antivirus protection

Task: control of virus penetration channels, spam blocking, protection against all kinds of attacks


  • anti-virus protection of workstations
  • antivirus protection of servers
  • centralized anti-virus protection

Protecting email from spam

Task: protection of e-mail at the corporate network level, ensuring the stable operation of mail services


  • utilities for content filtering
  • antiviral agents

Control of access to the Internet

Task: users’ access setup to the Internet in accordance with the rules and policies of the Customer’s organization

Data backup and recovery


  • backup
  • failover cluster installation

Account Management for the Single Directory Service

Task: creating, modifying, deleting accounts and user groups

Content filtering of web traffic

Task: blocking of unproductive or illegal activities of employees in the network

Protection against leakage of confidential information (DLP)

Task: detection of suspicious activity

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Task: reliable user authentication, data integrity and confidentiality control


  • Windows Server-based certification authority

Cryptographic protection


  • encryption
  • digital signature

result: Your IT infrastructure is secure
Outsourcing: support / administration

The information security system is a complex requiring qualified support.

We offer outsourcing – technical support of the information security system and the conclusion of a contract for the management of the security system:

  • support in good serviceable condition;
  • incident prevention;
  • incident response activities;
  • elimination of the consequences of intrusions.


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