Network infrastructure

Сетевая инфраструктура

SOLTI designs and creates an enterprise network infrastructure (wired / wireless / combined) – a special environment designed to combine computing and local resources with the ability to organize separate access to them, which is a set of devices and software:

  • passive devices – structured cable system (cables, patch panels, cable channels, information sockets, various mounting cabinets);
  • active equipment (interface converters, switches, routers);
  • software hardware combined into one common platform.

We solve the problem of building a united secure corporate network (including wireless segments of the Wi-Fi network) for territorially distributed objects. We unite all offices and divisions of the enterprise, remote from the central office, into a single system.

We create a secure connection between remote sites or local networks and provide remote users with a secure workspace using solutions based on Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, organized on top of a public network.

For the correct and effective result of network infrastructure design, SOLTI experts necessarily analyze the information flows of the enterprise, taking into account future development of the entire infrastructure.

System types
Локальные сети передачи данных

Distributed corporate networks

Беспроводные сети передачи данных (Wi‑Fi)

Wireless network (WI-FI)

Виртуальные защищенные частные сети (VPN)

Virtual private networks (VPN)

  • analysis of customer information flows;
  • consultations on network equipment and technologies;
  • engineering of fault-tolerant, geographically distributed infrastructure;
  • design and estimate documentation;
  • remote monitoring and administration of network equipment;
  • delivery of network equipment;
  • testing and commissioning;
  • technical and service maintenance, restoration of working capacity.
Why choose us
  • We guarantee the safety and durability of engineering solutions, improvement of the performance, reducement of operating costs while reducing technical and financial risks.
  • High qualification of the developers — we have specialists with many years of experience and high qualification in the field of design, project management, system engineering.
  • Sufficient specialist staff: project managers, project engineers, installers and commissioning engineers, service and maintenance engineers, etc., allowing to carry out projects of any complexity.
  • Deep methodological project development and a system approach.
  • Optimization of design costs – we assist in financial management.
  • Rapid replacement of failed components by supporting the reserve of necessary spare parts in the warehouse.
Example of implementation


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