Server Solutions

Серверные решения

We offer assembly, server delivery and development of complex solutions based on server equipment for various purposes from manufacturers:

  • HP,
  • Dell,
  • Fujitsu,
  • Supermicro etc.

Servers are the hardware basis of modern business, its automation and information activity. In the 24/7 mode, the servers ensure the availability of key telecommunications and information services not only to the employees of the company, but also to its partners and customers. Fail-safe operation of servers is guaranteed by redundancy at the hardware and software levels.

At the design stage, we provide an “extended warranty” and the ability to quickly restore servers.

Experts of the company have wide range of knowledge in the field of building information structures for various purposes and will be happy to help you to choose the best solution for your business.

Outsourcing is possible – partial or full transfer of server infrastructure services maintenance to SOLTI specialists.

Блэйд системы

Blade systems

Серверный кластер


Системы Хранения Данных

Data Storage Systems

Центры Обработки Данных

Data Processing Centers

Building server infrastructure process
pre-stage: The network infrastructure is already configured

Supply of equipment and software

Installation of server equipment

Connection, commissioning works

Implementing server Virtualization Systems

The simultaneous operation of several virtual machines on the same physical server is configured, which simplifies the infrastructure and reduces the costs of hardware and software.

Typically, servers that are least demanding of resources are located in a virtual environment: domain controllers, license servers, certification authorities etc.

Windows Domain and Active Directory integration

Based on business needs, a domain structure is built that takes into account the requirements of security policies, the number of enterprise divisions, the prospects for implementing applications, etc.

The directory service – Active Directory (AD) – the core of the information system is configured as a single point of authentication and authorization of users and applications, providing storage and management of information about all users’ devices.

Implementing core network services based on TCP / IP

Installation of DHCP, DNS services is performed.

Deploying File Servers

For storing public documents, a tree-like folder structure is created that corresponds to the structure of the enterprise divisions. The access is demarcated.

Integration of print servers

Servers for managing enterprise printers, storing and managing print queues, providing users with access to printers are configured.

The integration of database management systems (DBMS)

The settings are optimized for the specific application to ensure storage, access and management of application databases. Data replication between branch servers is configured.

Implementing servers of Internet traffic management and protection

Access rules for groups of users are configured to protect the corporate network from Internet attacks, providing control and controlling the access of users to the Internet.

Mail servers implementation

Anti-spam filters, additional anti-virus solutions are configured.

Implementation of terminal servers

Terminal servers provide remote access to the server’s desktop, or to a specific application.

Installation and configuration of servers is performed, the necessary business applications are deployed, access rights are assigned.

Implementing backup servers

Scheduling and backup methods are organized in accordance with the backup policy to ensure the protection of all enterprise electronic information.

Backup agents are installed on all redundant servers: file servers, domain controllers, Exchange, SQL server, etc.

Integration of anti-virus protection servers

Agents of anti-virus protection are deployed. Antivirus signature updates and action rules for virus detection are configured.

result: The server infrastructure is ready
Outsourcing of server infrastructure

We offer outsourcing – partial or complete transfer of servers and storage systems maintance to the team SOLTI specialists.

To ensure the continuous operation of server equipment, as a rule, it is necessary to provide round-the-clock monitoring, the possibility of high-quality maintenance and a pre-designed sequence of actions that facilitates the rapid restoration of server work in the event of a failure.

We are ready to offer the optimal solution at an affordable price and guarantee the maintenance of the server infrastructure of the enterprise.

Example of implementation


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