IT Services


Audit of IT infrastructure and information security of the company. Analysis of IT systems and communications. Development of recommendations for optimization and forecast of the amount of work


Аудит ИТ


Business and IT consulting for companies – Technical, Product, Financial, Strategic, Integration. Expert consultation of IT specialists



Integrated design – data center, SCS, access control system, video surveillance and power supply. General contractor services. Optimizing your budget. Project documentation. State expertise

Управление it проектами
Производство компьютеров и серверов


Certified Manufacturing – Servers,

Computers, Graphic stations.

Industrial computers


Repair and service. Computer technology. Video cameras. Network hardware. Software installation and configuration. Data recovery


ИТ Сервис и обслуживание
IT Аутсорсинг


IT services for organizations and legal entities. Transfer of functions to IT specialists. Remote technical support for companies. Reduced personnel costs


IT инфраструктура под ключ

Corporate IT infrastructure – delivery, turnkey configuration: data center, SCS, Wi-Fi, conferencing, IP-telephony, access control, video surveillance, information security; computers and servers (certificates ISO-9001, Ukrsepro).


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    IT services to optimize business processes

    Services to reduce costs and simplify IT infrastructure through continuous optimization, software and application rationalization, data center and information systems consolidation management.

    SOLTI applies intelligent automation and continuous efficiency gains to reduce costs and simplify your IT infrastructure with developed IT solutions. To develop a unique IT project for your company, our specialists carry out a number of activities and works in the form of providing IT services.

    IT Audit as a Service

    Our enterprise-wide data strategy and analytics support helps organizations transform and modernize the use of metrics to create insights that deliver tangible benefits at every stage of the business process.

    Fresh business ideas are most beneficial. Solti offers analytics services and robust enterprise IT system analysis that will enable you to quickly uncover and apply insights to improve business results.

    Business IT Consulting Services

    Our consulting competencies are confirmed by certificates of world companies, and a wide experience of implemented projects in various industries, business processes and technologies, in order to achieve for you solutions to complex business problems and realize strategic goals.

    Realize your business potential with the latest software, technology and digital opportunities. Our IT Consulting can help you simplify and transform digital interactions, standardize platforms, digitize business models and automate operations to improve service, increase value and reduce costs.

    IT outsourcing as a service

    SOLTI provides institutions with mission-critical, secure and cost-effective IT outsourcing collaboration. We simplify and improve existing complexes and reduce their operating costs, as well as help to achieve greater savings and innovation, giving customers the opportunity to transfer part of their IT resources for servicing to our company.

    Solti is engaged in support of critical IT business areas in more than 20 medium and large enterprises and several dozen small firms in Ukraine. With our IT services you:

    • Make sure your local technology platform is running securely and reliably.
    • Reduce IT operations costs by up to 30 percent, within 1 year.
    • Improve the efficiency of your existing IT infrastructure and chart a path for further collaboration.

    IT project management service

    Valuable IT resources and budgets are used to manage and maintain servers, databases, operating systems and platforms, hindering business growth and innovation. Improve the productivity and return on investment of your IT project, as well as offload some of the operational workload of the project to Solti specialists using traditional or cloud infrastructure.

    Engaging in project management with our consulting, migration and optimization expertise can improve your IT infrastructure through modernization and virtualization, while protecting complex operational workloads through increased stability, performance and ROI. Our IT project administration service helps you achieve your business goals with estimates, calculated recommendations and careful planning – improving your IT environment.

    Turnkey modern workplace

    Empower your people to work, connect and collaborate with more modern hardware, user-friendly apps and an end-to-end digital workplace. Our state-of-the-art services for PC assembly, industrial computer station manufacturing, wireless network design and installation, and corporate workplace setup can help you create and quickly deploy secure remote communications.

    SOLTI provides end-to-end digital workflow solutions that meet the needs of your business, IT and employee competencies, enabling organizations to realize the benefits of the digital space.

    Services and solutions in the field of IT security

    Stay ahead of your enemies by increasing the resilience of your environment and operations. Our collaboration will help you identify threats, protect your system, respond to attacks, protect data and manage employee digital processes.

    Cyber defense

    Protect your organization, preserve critical assets, manage potential threats, and increase enterprise transparency with intelligent reliability services. Optimize protection with proven threat prevention, detection and response.

    Digital identity

    Get access to a variety of identity solutions, from provisioning and access control to strong authentication and PKI to secure your enterprise. Provide firm flexibility with digital identity management.

    Data protection

    Minimize the risks of unauthorized or illegal processing of business-critical information and avoid accidental loss, destruction, or corruption of data.

    Secure platform

    Manage your organization’s mechanisms and programs to improve resilience and control. Organize access points and time tracking, matching the security of the IT environment.