Structured cabling system

Структурированная кабельная система (СКС)

The structured cabling system (SCS) is the connecting basis of the information and communication space of the enterprise. It consists of cable lines, intermediate and terminal computer or other equipment, which allows to commute communications between premises, floors, divisions of the enterprise.

SOLTI specialists carry out the whole complex of works on designing, installation and maintenance of fiber-optic and copper-based structured cabling systems.

We provide design estimates.

Advantages of structured systems
  • deep integration of subsystems
  • minimization of time and material resources for enterprise management
  • prompt receipt of information and impact on processes, taking into account the tolerances established by management for each employee
Types of objects
  • office and residential premises: administrative buildings, educational institutions, cottages
  • industrial enterprises — for operation in adverse environmental conditions: high humidity, temperature changes, vibration, dust
  • objects with increased requirements for electromagnetic interference: medical institutions, airports
Stages of creating a structured cabling system

1. Pre-project examination

Our specialists carry out a visual inspection of the facility, specify the technical condition and characteristics of the building’s premises, affecting the complexity and cost of the work: the thickness and material of the walls, the presence of channels and false ceilings, etc. They are compared with the floor drawings.

The result of the stage is the technical task.

It is expected that the function of forming the technical task is assigned to the Customer.

But, understanding the depth of the task and the many nuances that arise during the design, SOLTI specialists are ready to make a competent technical task taking into account the tasks that the SCS will solve and the customer’s wishes for the final result.

2. Pre-project technical and economic justification

SOLTI specialists are forming a preliminary project on the basis of technical task together with the customer’s employees. The process of creating a structured cable network (SCS) is being budgeted.

The customer is determined with possible stages of implementation and with the stages of financing.

The customer makes additions, amendments and changes, which are quickly taken into account and finalized by the developers-designers.

The result of the stage is a technical and economic justification

It contains:

  • preliminary design
  • preliminary commercial proposal for budget evaluation by the customer

3. Designing

Designing is the most crucial stage: a competently designed SCS will reduce the cost of the system not only during the implementation phase, but also during its operation and subsequent modernization.

An opportunity is created for its further expansion without restructuring in the future when designing the SCS network.

The project documentation is prepared, taking into account the wishes and financial possibilities of the customer.

The result of the stage is the project documentation:

  • project description
  • specification for the necessary active and passive equipment
  • plan location of workplaces and switching centers
  • schematic drawing of the location of cable channels and traces
  • estimate of work performance

4. Installation

The installation of the cable infrastructure is carried out in accordance with the project documentation and the schedule of work coordinated with the customer.

Certified passive equipment of well-known manufacturers is used during the installation of SCS, each element of the structured network is necessarily marked.

The work is carried out by the installation department of SOLTI, consisting of specialists who have not only knowledge of the methods and standards of laying networks, but also a great deal of practical experience.

The result of the stage is structured cable system, which is almost ready for operation and requires only the final stage – testing.

We guarantee high quality and reliability of installation in the shortest possible time, without interrupting the work of the customer’s employees.

5. Testing

Complex testing of cable connections for integrity, compliance of connections, compliance with standards.

For testing the SCS, it is possible to use the Fluke DTX-1800 cable analyzer, which provides measurements at the level of industry standards.

Our SCS complies with international (ISO 11801), American (ANSI / EIA / TIA 568, ANSI / EIA / TIA 569), European (EN 50173) standards.

The result of the stage is operational (project-operational) documentation:

  • SCS scheme
  • cable log
  • tests logs
  • connections testing report

6. Certification (warranty up to 25 years)

SOLTI specialists can certify the cable system, confirming the reliability and high quality of SCS in addition, at the request of the customer.

It is possible to set up a warranty record with the manufacturers of SCS, which gives the right to use the manufacturer’s warranty.

Result – optional (optional) if needed:

  • TE25 Enterprise Networks 25-year System Warranty
  • TE25 Enterprise Networks 25-year Extended Component Warranty
Outsourcing: maintenance / administration

SOLTI provides technical support to the created SCS after the completion of works on installation and certification of the structured cabling system:

  • maintenance in serviceable state;
  • solution of incidents of SCS;
  • the organization of new objects.

It is possible to conclude a contract for the management of a structured cabling system.

Example of implementation
Харьковская областная государственная администрация

Engineering, installation and commissioning of the structured cable system in the Kharkiv Regional State Administration

SOLTI LLC completed the engineering, installation and commissioning of a structured cabling system (SCS) in the Regional State Administration, Kharkiv



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