City information center, Kharkiv

The municipal enterprise “City Information Center” (ME “CIC”) is engaged in the development and implementation of projects in the sphere of life support services of Kharkiv and its infrastructure aimed at improving and optimizing the activity of the territorial community bodies, and also ensures their uninterrupted functioning.


To improve the quality of providing information services to users of the Unified Information System of the Kharkiv City Council and its executive bodies, employees of the ME “CIC” carried out work on upgrading the main server platform.

The customer was tasked with the modernization project to create a highly reliable uninterruptible power system with a total rated capacity of at least 60 kW (with the possibility of increasing the power) corresponding to the scheme:

  • (N + 1) – according to the power module;
  • 2N – according to the battery modules.

The market of guaranteed power supply solutions was analyzed taking into account the Customer’s requirements. As a result, the modular equipment of Liebert® APM from Emerson Network Power, the leading manufacturer of power solutions for data centers, was chosen.

A highly reliable, fully duplicated uninterruptible power system with a high efficiency (up to 97%) and a single output power factor (1 kVA = 1 kW) was created on the basis of the equipment of this manufacturer.

Reliability and fault tolerance are realized by means of:

  • at the hardware level – the creation of a cluster of two separate uninterruptible power systems consisting of two UPSs, three 30 kW power modules are installed in each with an autonomous operation mode, bypass modules and indicating modules;
  • at the cable system level – by laying independent power lines to each UPS, both on the input and on the output.

The UPS has a modular structure with the ability to hot-swap both power modules and batteries.

Each UPS is equipped with modules for control and graphical indication of UPS status, service bypass, and static (electronic) bypass module.

To ensure stand-alone operation, battery units are connected to each UPS. The possibility of reconnecting (if necessary) the battery packs to the cluster to any of the UPS is realized. Summation of the capacity allows it to save the estimated batteryworking time.

The applied solution allows performing the full service of the system elements without disconnecting the consumers. Scheduled and repair work of the system are performed by completely shutting down one of the UPS at the level of the input and output power lines. The output lines are switched to a working UPS, which provides the necessary power during the maintance procedures.

To increase the battery life, the system is equipped with temperature sensors. This allows to automatically select the optimal mode of battery operation.

The UPS is equipped with control and management modules with a large LCD display and support for major world languages, the ability to display mnemonic diagrams and text information. The display works independently from the control system, providing access to the data. Through the display, the customer can independently conduct operations with the system (view the battery life, change the output voltage, etc.) without asking for the help from supplier.

The UPS systems are equipped with SNMP / ModBas modules, that allow to remote retrieval of system status data; input and output parameters with notification to users of the system at the engineer’s workplace and / or sending by e-mail or SMS messages.

Additional works - creating a raised floor

The project of reconstruction of a room for installation of the UPS with engineering, creation and installation of load-bearing structures (raised floor) is executed.

Raised floor for data centers and for server rooms requires a special approach to installation. The high load-carrying capacity of the floor is a prerequisite for premises that serve the IT infrastructure. Plate coatings are selected taking into account the resistance to abrasion and withstand dynamic loads.

Specialists of SOLTI LLC surveyed the room and developed the project. A metal floor is most often used in technical rooms, where there are high loads from the equipment. Based on the predicted load of 800 kg / m2 under the equipment, an option of the all-welded floor was chosen.

Panels for the raised floor were made of welded pipes and steel sheet. Steel pipes in this design performed the role of stiffeners. The places for the maintenance personnel movement are covered with corrugated sheets to avoid slipping.

The installation of the raised floor panels is complex, labor-intensive and requires exceptional accuracy from the performers. All work on the installation of the supporting structure (raised floor) was carried out according to the working draft.

The raised floor is connected to the building’s grounding system.


A highly reliable, fully duplicated uninterruptible power supply system with a total rated capacity of 120 kW, with a high efficiency (up to 97%) and a single output power factor (1 kVA = 1 kW) was created, corresponding to the scheme:

  • (N + 1) – according to the power module;
  • 2N – according to the battery modules.

It is possible to increase the power of the UPS in the (N + 1) mode and the system in the 2N mode:

  • up to 120 kW – with internal redundancy;
  • up to 150 kW – without internal redundancy.

Autonomous operation of equipment from batteries is guaranteed up to 30 minutes.

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