Outsourcing of IT resources

IT Аутсорсинг

We provide a comprehensive outsourcing of IT resources for maintaining the Customer’s IT processes and business processes at a specified level, which implies partial or complete transfer of most of the processes and resources of the Customer involved in the operation of IT systems to the SOLTI team.

Outsourcing is a form of long-term cooperation with an external Service Provider. The optimal duration of the contract can be from 3 to 5 years.

SOLTI specialists offer consulting services for the development of existing IT infrastructure, VOIP and information security services integration, as well as the development and integration of customer systems and business applications in combination with IT outsourcing.

SOLTI Services of IT Outsourcing
  • Infrastructure monitoring.
  • System and network administration.
  • Consulting support for development issues.
  • Technological support and maintenance of:

– engineering infrastructure;
– server equipment;
– data transmission networks;
– Wi-Fi networks;
– access control systems;
– video surveillance systems;
– IP-telephony;
– information security systems;
– data storage and backup systems;
– Database management systems;
– e-mail systems.

Advantages of outsourcing service
  • Reducing various risks by dividing them with the service provider.
  • Guaranteed maintenance of normal functioning of the subsystems, that are necessary for vital functions of the business of the organization (it is prescribed in the SLA agreement).
  • The release of financial and strategic resources, that enables the development of key business lines by focusing efforts on solving its own business problems.
  • Optimization of the number of staff by keeping yourself only the function of strategic IT management.
  • Transparency and predictability of maintenance costs,


and, most importantly –



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