КП «Харьковводоканал»

The municipal enterprise “Kharkovvodokanal” is a technological complex of water supply and sewerage facilities and networks that provides the needs of the residents of Kharkov and the Kharkov region.


Economic problems that are solved significantly increased the burden on the existing IT infrastructure of the enterprise.

The customer was tasked with increasing the performance of existing resources, resulting in engineering, construction and configuration of a failover cluster of virtual servers to work with databases containing large economic data of enterprise structural units :

  • accounting of commodities;
  • accounting of salary;
  • accounting of financial activities;
  • selection of data and construction of reports on payments from settlement tasks “legal entities”, “individuals”;
  • accounting of contracts;
  • data from the human resources department.

It was decided to build a cluster of high availability on the basis of two productive HP DL360 servers with the assignment of a database storage role to it to meet existing needs.

The server cluster looks to the user as a single logical server and is managed as a single logical system. It groups the systems differing in physical characteristics, which increases the resistance to failures and improves performance. Users of the server cluster do not even guess that their requests can be performed by different servers at different times.

Server clustering helps to avoid downtime when a hardware or server software failure occurs. If the instance of SQL Server is configured as a failover cluster, the high availability of such an instance of SQL Server is protected by the presence of redundant nodes. Only one of the nodes in the FCI belongs to the WSFC resource group at the same time.

In the event of hardware failure, operating system failure, applications or services, or when a scheduled update is performed, the group of resources is transferred to another node in the failover cluster. This process is invisible to the client or application that connects to SQL Server, and minimizes the wait time for the application or client during the crash.

Completed work
  • A network is configured: all network interfaces are integrated and a single logical adapter (Teaming) is created, channel aggregation is performed.
  • A shared storage is configured.
  • Two servers running Windows Server 2012 R2 have been added to the domain.
  • The role of “Failover Clustering” has been established.
  • MS SQL Server 2016 software is installed and configured.

A database store has been created in the form of a fault-tolerant MS SQL cluster that provides real-time database mirroring.

The created cluster not only increases the availability of information, but also provides load balancing, redundancy and fault tolerance.


In addition, the system of guaranteed power supply based on APC SYMMETRA LX was upgraded.

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Microsoft Sales Specialist Server Platform
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