Харьковский городской совет

Kharkiv City Council is one of the administrative-territorial units within the Kharkiv region. It is part of the Kharkiv agglomeration.


The customer set a task to design, build and configure a failover cluster of virtual machines to organize a corporate “cloud” infrastructure of the mapping system.

Since the functioning of the user and cluster workplaces is planned in the leased network infrastructure, it is necessary to take into account the interaction of the two infrastructures for the correct introduction of the geographic information system into the existing information structure of the enterprise, integrating the server and spatial data with other information systems of the enterprise.


The complex of processing of cartographic information is intended for joint use of geographical information. It provides geographic information resources in the form of services via Internet / intranet networks, and allows to optimize internal work processes, solve production problems, coordinate the activities of various services.

To solve the task set by the customer and to increase reliability, a two-node cluster was built on the basis of high-performance server hosts running the Windows Server operating system. The nodes of the cluster are Hewlett-Packard servers, which guarantee high productivity and full compatibility of the complex.

In the cluster, a virtual high availability environment is deployed on the basis of Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology and the software components are installed (cartographic ArcGIS server, SQL server, WEB server, file server).

To improve system performance and simplify maintenance operations and create backup copies of data, the database and images of virtual machines are stored on a network storage of data (storage).

The network storage is equipped with an additional controller that provides higher availability and performance. Aruba level 3 managed switch allows to obtain high bandwidth of the local network and simplifies integration into the existing infrastructure

To improve performance and fault tolerance, network connections are integrated into a trunk, and server-to-storage links are duplicated.

The project implementation required installation and configuration of the directory service, firewall, terminal server, certification authority and infrastructure services, such as AD, DHCP, DNS. Configuration of management tools for servers, data storage and uninterruptible power supplies were completed.

The domain controller and database servers were clustered at the virtual server level to provide fault tolerance.

User workstations and the cluster operate in a leased network infrastructure with their own AD.

Result of project implementation

A two-node cluster based on HP servers was built. A virtual environment is deployed using Microsoft Hyper-V in the cluster. An information structure for the correct integration of the geoinformation system has been created. An external data storage system and a managed switch of the third level are installed. Management tools for servers, storage and UPS were configurated.

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Microsoft Sales Specialist Server Platform
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