IP Telephony and VOIP


IP-telephony is a modern integrated solution that allows to organize the transfer of voice signals via the Internet.

SOLTI specialists carry out design, implementation and support of solutions based on:

  • OpenScape – the flagship lineup from Unify (Siemens)
  • 3CX VOIP – software mini PBX, replacing the traditional hardware PBX
  • Asterisk – free open source solution

The IP-telephony solutions we offer are reliable, characterized by security and good protection from unauthorized listening.

Advantages of IP telephony
  • telephone wiring is no longer needed: the existing computer network or Wi-Fi network of the organization is used
  • reduction in the cost of telephone calls: savings on long-distance and, especially, international communication
  • use of internal phone numbers regardless of the physical connection point
  • possibility of calls from a computer or laptop
  • use of IP phones without reference to the equipment manufacturer
  • use of digital and analog devices
  • increased mobility for employees: the possibility of remote work
  • simplified administration: web-based configuration interface and the ability to manage via the Internet
  • possibility to use any SIP-phone (software or hardware)
Implementing Functions
  • routing of calls via SIP protocol
  • parking and call pick-up
  • creation of a conference call
  • centralized telephone directory
  • auto attendant
  • information about the subscriber’s status
  • connection to a single telephone network of home and mobile workplaces
  • redirecting calls to mobile phones
  • conversations recording
  • integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft CRM
  • receiving faxes via Fax-server
  • intrusion protection and encryption mechanisms for transmitted data
Example of implementation
Outsourcing: support / administration

We offer outsourcing – technical support of the IP-telephony system, it is possible to conclude a contract to manage the telephony system:

  • remote monitoring, including monitoring of active services;
  • support of working capacity – analysis of log files, elimination of detected errors;
  • software update (if necessary);
  • configuration database backuping;
  • preparation of necessary recommendations for further operation.


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