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The customer set a task to build a modern, reliable enterprise-class phone solution with the ability of unified technologies, providing services for collaboration, networking, web conferencing, virtual meetings, distance learning, collaboration with documents, etc.

As a result of the pilot demonstration of the operability of the proposed solution, the customer wanted to see the fully-functional IP Telephony system of the entire enterprise that was customized for its requirements.


The creation of an enterprise class IP telephony system with UC capability based on UNIFY technologies.

As a result of the analysis of pilot launches on the technologies of several brands, it became obvious to the customer that the advantage is in favor of UNIFY (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications).

Unify is an enterprise-class system with the highest reliability and scalability and can support up to 100,000 subscribers in total. It is ideal for large-scale corporate networks.

SOLTI LLC specialists were trained at the UNIFY Certified Training Center, which resulted in the acquisition of a new specialization Authorized OpenScape Business, which provides opportunities for deploying OpenScape Voice solutions.

At the first stage of the company’s IP telephony deployment, the way to build a reliable and high-performance converged network was chosen.

All equipment and software was tested and configured on SOLTI’s demostands.

Then a pilot launch of the system was carried out on the customer’s premises, which allowed to objectively assess the correctness of the brand selection and ensure the compliance of the proposed IP telephony solution with the customer’s expectations.

In fact complex tests were combined with full-time operation in full and at the maximum workload.

The chosen solution based on OpenScape Voice is a software platform that runs on the basis of the Linux operating system and is not tied to specific hardware. This eliminates the need for changes and upgrades of existing equipment in the customer infrastructure, while gaining access to all the functionality of unified communications.

In addition to traditional telephony, users in real time receive collaboration services in one session: audio / video conference, chat, voice mail, applications for mobile devices, tablets or personal computers, presence status of subscribers, the ability to transfer calls depending on the status and much more .

The solution includes a WEB Collaboration server for communicating through the network and conducting WEB conferences, rallies and distance learning, which enables collaboration with documents and guarantees a high level of security.

The result of project implementation

The result is a hybrid solution that correctly combines the new IP-telephony UNIFY with analog exchanges Simens and Quant, which allowes to keep the possibility of telephone calls to all PBX of the enterprise.

… I express satisfaction with the results of the work on the implementation of the VOIP based on OpenScape Voice (UNIFY) in the IT structure of our enterprise, carried out by the specialists of Solty LLC in 2015 …

During the operation, the VOIP system showed a high level of reliability and the possibility of expanding the functionality laid down at the design and configuration stage, which is the confirmation of the high professionalism of your specialists …

Head of IT department

Perspective of development

The implemented integration will allow the customer smoothly move to the full replacement of old analog automatic telephone exchanges, which is envisaged at the next stage of development.

  • OpenScape Voice – the flagship line of Unify (Siemens)
Unify partner Authorized OpenScape Business
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