Cloud technologies

Облачные технологии

SOLTI designs, creates, integrates and maintenances solutions based on virtualization technology.

Virtualization involves sharing physical resources for various tasks. With virtualization, several guest operating systems run simultaneously on the same server in the form of virtual machines under the control of a special utility – the hypervisor (virtual machine manager). Each of the virtual machines has access to the server’s computing resources, sharing them and dynamically distributing the resources of the physical system.

SOLTI offers the construction of private clouds – a virtual infrastructure-based environment that includes a complete set of customizable services – using technologies:

  • VMware
  • Microsoft

Our solutions improve the adaptability, efficiency and productivity of the IT environment, significantly reducing the cost of maintaining the IT infrastructure.

Types of virtualization
Виртуализация сети

Network Virtualization

Виртуализация рабочих мест

Virtualization of workplaces

  • standardization of administration
  • centralization of administration
  • reduced PC maintenance costs
Виртуализация серверов

Server Virtualization

  • server consolidation
  • increase of fault tolerance
  • scalability of IT infrastructure
  • cheaper administration of server infrastructure
Виртуализация приложений

Application Virtualization

  • errors and failures of running software do not affect the operation of the main system
Building private cloud infrastructure
private cloud

Building a private cloud that unites the customer’s own data center resources makes sense if an enterprise plans to take advantage of cloud technologies provided by network virtualization, but does not want or fears to move its resources and data to the public cloud.

Advantages of use:

  • high availability of IT resources, even at peak loads;
  • there is no binding (dependence) to an extraneous cloud;
  • Information Security;
  • control over the use and billing of IT services within the company;
  • rapid deployment of information systems.

SOLTI specialists can help to organize a hybrid cloud if it is needed to place less critical applications and data in a public cloud service.

Example of implementation


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