Engineering systems

Engineering systems

SOLTI designs, creates, integrates and services all subsystems, which together form the engineering infrastructure of industrial enterprises and office buildings.

We create complex engineering facilities – data centers equipped with autonomous systems of operation.

The engineering infrastructure consists of engineering and technical support systems, which constitute a platform for the construction and operation of IT complexes.

The individually designed engineering infrastructure allows the most rational and convenient integration of communication lines, data transmission, security and auxiliary systems of the building, organize the algorithm of interaction required between the computer equipment, voice and video communication devices, control and response of fire, security and other systems.

Data Center

The data processing center (DPC) is the most important part of the modern engineering and technical system of the enterprise. It is designed to solve a wide range of information problems, often requiring serious computing resources, and therefore a powerful server and network equipment.

Reliable and stable operation of the computing infrastructure can be organized only when an appropriate reliable engineering platform is created. It should not be built on a residual principle.

Attempts to simplify or save on the cost of engineering systems lead to savings in the reliability and security of the entire IT system of the enterprise, the central body of which is the created data center.

Depending on the purpose of the data center, it can include up to several dozen different subsystems.

Engineering systems of the Data Center
Структурированная кабельная система (СКС)
  • fiber optic
  • copper
Системы электроснабжения

Power supply systems

  • uninterruptible power supply
  • guaranteed power supply
Системы вентиляции и кондиционирования

Ventilation and air conditioning systems

  • conditioning
  • ventilation
  • climate control
Техническая безопасность и управление доступом

Technical security and access control

  • security and fire alarm
  • gas fire extinguishing
  • sound notification and evacuation control
  • access control
  • security surveillance
  • automated monitoring

The data center infrastructure requirements depend on the applications, and not vice versa. But, applications must be protected, ensuring the integrity and safety of data, quickly deployed and replaced, if required. And must be available: if a failure occurs, the recovery should occur quickly, preferably automatically. These requirements (security, rapid deployment and high availability) must be met.

Implementing Functions
  • Functions of the general contractor: coordination of actions of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Technical inspection of engineering systems of the object
  • Engineering Consulting / Consulting Services
  • Designing of engineering systems and networks
  • Design and estimate documentation
  • Supply of engineering equipment
  • Construction and installation work
  • Author’s supervision
  • Technical control of each stage of work
  • Commissioning: testing and commissioning
  • Technical and service maintenance

We guarantee the safety and durability of engineering solutions, improved performance, lower operating costs while reducing technical and financial risks.

  • High qualification of the specialists with long-term experience and high qualification in the field of design, project management, system engineering.
  • Sufficient staff of specialists: project managers, design engineers, installation and commissioning specialists, service engineers, etc., allowing to carry out projects of any complexity.
  • Serious methodological study of projects and a systematic approach.
  • Optimization of design costs – we assist in financial management.
  • A reserve of necessary spare parts in the warehouse is maintained to quickly replace the failed components.
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