Шахта им Засядько

The public joint-stock company “Mine namedafter A.F. Zasyadko “is a complex structural and territorially distributed enterprise.


The customer set a task to build a modern, reliable and easy-to-maintain telephony solution, with the ability to connect remote subscribers and branches to a single corporate telephone network while minimizing subsequent expenses for inter-regional calls.

The key requirement is to provide high-quality and convenient telephone communication for the employees of the enterprise, while optimizing the costs of creating and maintaining a communication system.


To solve the task, SOLTI specialists offered several options:

  • based on traditional wired telephony;
  • using IP-technology.

A preliminary survey was conducted, during which the proposed options were compared with an assessment of the prospects of each of them. At the same time, not only initial investments in the construction of the future system were taken into account, but also the possibilities for its subsequent development, as well as the costs of subsequent maintenance.

A demonstration zone was deployed on the territory of the customer’s office and a pilot project was launched, which allowed an objective assessment of the compliance of the proposed IP telephony solution with the customer’s requirements.

In the element-wise estimation of the cost of solutions, the customer formed the initial idea that IP telephony would cost him much more than a wire one. But, as a result of the comparison of complex budgets of various options, it became obvious that a considerable difference develops in favor of IP-technology.

IP-telephony actively uses the element base of an already existing corporate LAN. The connection of IP phones to the network directly eliminated the need to lay additional telephone cables and allowed to minimize additional controls for the new corporate telephone network.

After the start-up and initial setup of the new telephone system are completed, all the start-up adjusted parameters are stored centrally, which allows the individual settings of each user to be downloaded automatically from any workstation. This ensures the efficiency of changing the configuration of workplaces of employees in case of moving from one office to another.

Result of project implementation
  • IP-telephony system is built on the existing server infrastructure;
  • reliability of the telephone network was increased;
  • a unified plan for telephone numbering is provided;
  • the cost of expensive mobile communications was reduced;
  • preservation of the user’s internal number, regardless of which office he physically resides in;
  • the possibility of an operational (up to several hours) reconfiguration of new workplaces with a large-scale relocation of the office.

… We got the possibility to quickly connect remote affiliates and subscribers to a single corporate telephone network and further minimize the cost of inter-regional and mobile calls.

During the pilot operation VOIP system showed a high degree of reliability and the possibility of expansion of the functionality, laid at the engineering stage, which serves as a confirmation of high professionalism and quality of design and installation work …

Looking forward to future cooperation with experts of your company.

O.V. Shapovalov, head of the “Volodarske” enterprise PJSC “Coal Mine named after AF Zasyadko”

Perspective of development

The introduction of additional features of the IP-telephony system is envisaged, for example, video conferencing, which will improve the communication efficiency of employees in territorially distributed offices.

Used equipment
  • software mini-PBX 3CX VOIP
3CX Phone System Basic Certification — certified engineer
3CX Phone System Advanced Certification — advanced certified