State enterprise “State institute for designing enterprises of coke oven and by-product plants “Giprokoks””, Kharkiv

One of the world’s largest engineering companies, providing a range of services in the field of reconstruction and modernization of existing coke-chemical plants and construction of new plants.

The customer has partners in different countries with whom it is necessary to be constantly in touch – to hold meetings.


There was a need to create a corporate videoconferencing system, which reduces the costs of business trips and provides communication to employees without any restrictions with regard to location and devices used.

Special attention had to be paid to the issue of possibility of videoconference-meetings in different rooms.


Проект видеоконференции SOLTI для Гипрококс

The Grandstream system was chosen, which is suitable for videoconferencing on different platforms. All equipment was mounted on a presentation rack for increased mobility.

Grandstream equipment supports Full HD resolution. The built-in video conferencing server eliminates the need for any additional devices or servers.

At the same time, from 4 to 9 participants (4 participants – Full HD, 5 – HD, up to 9 participants – in standard VGA) can participate in the conference, it is possible to mix different protocols in one conference meeting.

Controlled Full HD camera with 12x optical zoom is convenient for use even in large meeting rooms.

Bluetooth remote control or any device on Android (for example, a smartphone) can be used to control the system. It is also possible to manage GVC through the web interface.

The equipment allows to connect a PC for demonstration of presentations in Power Point format.

The videoconferencing system was configured to be able to integrate into an existing IT infrastructure, taking into account the need to use third-party applications.

The created system allows subscribers of Skype, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts and Lync to join the videoconference on a par with other SIP participants.

… Solti LLC successfully fulfilled its contractual obligations for the supply, adjustment and commissioning of this equipment.

Pre-sale counseling was provided by highly qualified specialists .

All obligations under the contract of delivery were fulfilled in due time and in due course …

A.M. Pristupa

Deputy Director of State Enterprise “Giprokoks”

Grandstream Networks