Ms Project Server 2013 + Ms SharePoint
About the customer

The customer is a large engineering company that performs design for hydropower and water construction, thermal and nuclear power plants in Ukraine and Europe.

Formulation of the task

The customer tasked with creating modern and convenient communications for teamwork of employees over projects and documents.

About the project

To solve the task, SOLTI experts performed the following stages:

  1. A detailed questioning of employees was carried out. Based on the results of the survey, a list of requirements for the functionality of the system was drawn up, taking into account the possibility of growth, a technical task for the integrated implementation and configuration.
  2. After defining the server configuration, interactions, Microsoft SharePoint and MS Project Server were installed.
  3. The MS Project Server workspace has been defined and configured, the templates of standard projects and enterprise standards have been developed, and the workplaces of employees have been configured. A pilot project has been published.
  4. The box version required further development and additional debugging. In addition to developing the portal design, specialized reports have been developed and complete integration with the existing infrastructure of the Customer has been completed, instructions for roles and internal policies have been written.
  5. After completion of the implementation, system administrators and employees were trained. Technical documentation has been prepared, further support of the system is suggested.
Result of project implementation

As a result of the integrated implementation of Microsoft Project Server with the finalization and additional debugging of the boxed product, taking into account all the requirements of the Customer, a corporate portal was created that allowed:

  • project teams to visually gather resources, which leads to better results;
  • to get access to all users at any time and from any device to shared resources;
  • to sort tasks and goals by categories, track and record the status of tasks and their implementation, set priorities;
  • to provide access to all necessary business information for the project to new users in a matter of seconds;
  • to fully control the management of the rights of all users by the IT department of the company;
  • to receive full information on all projects and their conditions promptly at any time;
  • to receive information about employees, their work, adjust tasks and goals, which increases the productivity and likelihood of successful project implementation with the help of a convenient scheduler;
  • to plan the project, control the time and date, make adjustments in on-line mode.
Used technologies
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Microsoft Project Server
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Microsoft SharePoint