Пивной ресторан «Пробка»
About the customer

“Probka beer hall & club” (3 Sumskaya str., Kharkiv) is a brand beer restaurant of a new format, opened by the mini-brewery “Probka” in the summer of 2014. The capacity of the restaurant is 500 visitors.

It is the nominee of the National Restaurant Award SOLT as the best beer restaurant in Ukraine for three times.


The customer set a task to provide a stable, reliable wireless connection with adaptation capabilities while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

A key condition for the selection of a wireless solution that can ensure the security of data transmission, reliability and the necessary performance of the equipment.

Specific requirements were demanded to stable, reliable and productive work under high loads, as the capacity of the restaurant is 500 visitors, who can simultaneously use the wireless connection to the Internet.


Taking into account that some wireless solutions manufacturers experience certain problems in the operation of wireless equipment under high loads, tests of solutions of several well-known brands were conducted at the SOLTI Modeling and Testing Center. As a result the choice was made in favor of Ruckus equipment – the world leader in wireless Wi-Fi solutions.

In the boundaries of building a wireless network with centralized control in the restaurant “Probka” was provided:

  • Full Wi-Fi coverage of the whole area: 4 rooms and ancillary facilities of the restaurant with access delimitation for restaurant guests, attendants and employees using Wi-Fi for voice (VoIP).
  • Wireless connection of the restaurant staff to the electronic menu system: reception and processing of customers’ orders with the help of tablet devices, which promptly transmit information about the order to the kitchen, thereby increasing the speed and quality of customer service
  • To improve security, Wi-Fi Visitor Zone was organized – a dedicated separate wireless network with guest access to high-speed Internet. Adaptation to changes in the environment occurs automatically in real time.

The project implementation allowed to provide reliable wireless coverage of the restaurant territory, to automate the work of the staff and to increase the efficiency and productivity of its operation.

  • Ruckus equipment
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